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VNITI / Uniti

"Every song on this album is another pleasant musical surprise. Trip-Hop by Michael Wechter... Highly experimental, melancholic, and hypnotic... just awesome. Favorite track: Animal." -Sven B. Schreiber

“Truly unusual and stunning music; refreshing work that will command your solid attention from beginning to end. Seriously, I listened to it three times in a row after I first heard it.” - Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times

Started in 2014, VNITI / UNITI is a project I created to explore the truly magical world of music through electronic and acoustic media.  There are now 4 albums spanning from electronica/hip-hop to experimental classical music to folk/world music. They were created in Arizona, Bolivia, and Utah and draw influences from the diverse people and rich experiences in each place. This music has been described as "funky, smooth, uplifting, healing, catchy, etc" Whatever mood your are in, It is sure to move you!

All music is available for free download.

Donate if you would like to help support the creation of more music :)

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